Millwrighting could arguably be considered one of the oldest engineering trades and the forerunner of all modern mechanical engineering.  

As the only remaining traditional millwrights based in the midlands we continue to undertake the similar work as our forbears.

We can offer all contractor services, design, engineering & specialist consultancy.

Manage and organise contract lift and crane hire/ logistics.

Access platform solutions. 

Regular Maintenance programs for working and static mills.

Millwright work over the years at Dunster mill for the National trust has restored a further pair of French Burr stones and on going maintenance allowing the mill to expand its capacity it now grinds commercially not only supplying the tearooms but several local bakeries and restaurants.

Millwright work at Eastnor Castle Estate culminated in the mill being brought back working again during covid lockdown supplying flour again when it wasn't available elsewere. Over 4 tonnes was ground the first since the mill finished work at the first war! The best way to keep a mill in good order is to use it regularly something the estate is keen to do.

A varied selection of past work.