Teme Valley Heritage Engineering have over 25 watermill projects under their belt, with a vast range of experience from small repairs to major restoration schemes. Projects completed have involved repair and manufacture of all watermill components, including new build wheels (often copied from broken castings), sluices, wheel shafts, gudgeons, bearings and gearing.

Waterwheels can be particularly difficult components to restore correctly and unfortunately there are plenty of places where you can get one fabricated cheaply which will often result in poor operation and always in having little heritage credibility. Fortunately, we have the ability to manufacture patterns from old and broken castings and can accurately reproduce the historically correct wheel for your mill. Furthermore, we have the ability to connect waterwheels to produce electricity using a generator, and are also looking at restoring and providing water turbines for this purpose. Check out our 'Heritage Hydro' tab for more information.

TVHE can also offer some rarer skills such as building up new French burr millstones, and setting up and balancing the stones & spindles to work optimally. We are one of the few firms that still undertake stone dressing regularly and this is among the most important work required to keep a mill grinding food quality flour. Whether you have old stones which need to be repaired before returning to service, have stones which need to be kept in top condition, or need to source new stones for your mill, Teme Valley Heritage Engineering can assist. One set of burr stones which we recently installed are now used to supply two Michelin star restaurants in Birmingham and we are no strangers to the exacting demands of food production on mill machinery.

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