Teme Valley Heritage Engineers have successfully undertaken repairs to a wide variety of vintage machinery and specialise in threshing machines and harvesting implements. We have our own collection of restored items including products of Foster, Ransomes, Ruston & Hornsby and Robey, and also have experience with Clayton and Humphries as well. We offer repair and restoration of just about all vintage machinery, including but not limited to:

  • Harvesting machinery (threshers, binders, elevators, grain cleaners and kibblers)

  • Ancillary flour milling machinery such as dressers and smutters

  • Windpumps

  • Castings for steam engines

  • Other wooden vehicles such as wagons and living huts

Rebuild works have varied across the spectrum from minor timber and casting repairs to major rebuilds, new timber wheels, and new build wheat reed combers. Work has included splicing in new timber, manufacture of patterns and castings, new top boards, elevators and sieves, replacing bearings, tin work and belting, and many other repairs.

We are proud members of the National Thatching Straw Growers Association and grow traditional long straw for thatching and heritage wheats. The only way to harvest and process this is with the traditional equipment which is now at least 80 years old. Through necessity, we started manufacturing parts to keep our own machinery at work and soon discovered that there was a market for this as others were facing the same issue and needed parts as well. Parts are now available from us off the shelf or can be manufactured to order as original. These include rollers and canvasses for reaper binders, and roller carriers in beech as per original specification. We can also rebuild trussers and wheat reed combers used for thatching straw production.

Historically, millwrights built these machines and continuing in this tradition, we are happy to take machines in for refurbishment or undertake smaller repairs on site. We have restored other timber and iron machinery such as line shafting, plate mills, kibblers, grain cleaners, elevators, and flour dressers, and have also re-boilered and rebuilt our own steam engine. Assessment for conservation issues such as asbestos and other problematic areas can also be undertaken. Don't hesitate to ask us if we can assist with your restoration, as having experience with most machinery we are always happy to assess your project and discuss what we can do.

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