Many of the wind and watermills we look after are timber framed, so it has been a natural progression for TVHE to expand into timber frame repairs. Prior to the start of industrialised brick manufacture, our local area had a strong tradition for timber frame construction and many buildings of this construction can still be found today. We have progressively been asked to repair an increasingly diverse range of ancient buildings, and following much success are now offering this as a service. Past projects have included complete new frames, new oak floor spine beams, trusses and purlins, and repairs ranging from new sole plates (cill of a timber panel) to splicing in parts of frames which have moved, broken or rotted out though old age or suboptimal past repairs.

Our expertise was founded mainly in listed building repair, where best conservation practice and SPAB philosophy often called for difficult scarf joints and resin repairs to retain as much of the physical historic material as possible. Prior to the genesis of the modern conservation ethos, many local houses and barns were poorly repaired and damaged by unsuitable materials such as concrete and cement. Fortunately, this is often reversible and TVHE are well practiced to be able to rectify such work according to best practise.

TVHE are equipped with a saw mill facility and cut much of our own timber which is sourced sustainably from locally managed estates wherever possible. We hold a large range of seasoned British timbers in stock, including large section air dried oak, ash, and hornbeam for wooden teeth. We are well equipped to cut and machine green timber to order and can also source specialist timbers for projects, having previously supplied greenheart, elm and opepe for use in and around water control sluices, dams and wheels. The local National trust estate at Bromyard are the main supplier of timber for both our millwrighting work and timber frame jobs, providing only the highest quality air dried timbers for repair works.

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